Gullfoss Waterfall

An Awe-inspiring Waterfall Of The Golden Circle

Gullfoss Waterfall is quite possibly one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon and amazing tourist sites in Iceland. Please your eyes by witnessing breathtaking views and plan a visit to one of the top tourist spots of the Golden Circle today! Regardless of the period, the mighty Gullfoss is a must-see spot while taking a ride around the Golden Circle.

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Guided day tours that visit Gullfoss waterfall


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The World of Waterfalls has included Gullfoss Waterfall in the top 10 waterfalls on the planet. Think I am exaggerating? Nope! The powerful Hvítá (White River) is a frigid waterway streaming toward the south directly from Langjökull (Long Glacier), giving Gullfoss a great stream rate. Mid-year, when the stock of meltwater from Langjökull is especially bountiful, the Hvita River ascends at a rate of 140 cubic meters each second. The most special flood stream rate at any point estimated here was a phenomenal 2,000 cubic meters each second.

How high is the waterfall? Well, it is high enough to make the tourists fall in love! In two phases, the waterfall covers a total area of 32 meters as it drops through the rough, now and again 70 meters high. About a kilometer from Gullfoss, the waterway turns forcefully to one side, where it streams down through a vast gully before the immense volume of water is effectively constrained into a smaller channel.

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Most Icelanders are fascinated with Gullfoss Waterfall and consider it one of the most vital spots in their thoughts. As anyone might expect, the possibility to use the considerable hydro-power producing potential has created something of a bi-extremity between the individuals who wished to abuse this site and the individuals who want it to be saved.

Einar Benediktsson is a legal counselor and one of the well-known artists who upheld misuse and nearby rancher's little girl, Sigríður, was determined that Gullfoss be safeguarded. Some say she even took steps to hurl herself down! There is a stone dedication to Sigríður over the falls. There are higher waterfalls in Iceland. However, an opportunity to observe the sheer force and greatness of Gullfoss is something nobody should miss.


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One should follow the waterway it tumbles from to understand the origin of the Gullfoss Waterfall. For this, the enormously incredible Hvítá takes its meltwater from Langjökull around 35 km (21.7 mi) away. Langjökull additionally takes care of the Waterfall Hraunfossar in West Iceland.

In Iceland, meltwater from the Langjökull glacier is the second-biggest glacier, and it goes through the high countries. It goes into the gorge above Haukadalur in Árnessýsla before dropping down two stories causing the most enchanted situation we today perceive as Gullfoss. The water then, at that point, voyages further down and into a space of the gully named Brúarhlöð, both a prolific and beautiful area well known for fantastic river rafting rapids.


During the mid-twentieth century, a conversation was held high in the Icelandic culture if Gullfoss energy ought to be used to deliver hydroelectric force. This thought met many contentions concerning unfamiliar financial backers and their longing to benefit off Iceland's inclination, particularly by the rancher at Brattholt and landowner of Gullfoss, Tómas Tómasson.

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"Ég sel ekki vin minn" or "I won't sell my friend," said Tómas Tómasson when Englishman Howell took a stab at purchasing the cascade for 50,000 ISK (451 USD), which, around then, was worth multiple times the amount of his home. In any case, eventually, the waterfall was leased to both Icelandic and unfamiliar gatherings who planned to fabricate a power station through an escape clause in the tenant contract. Then, at that point, Tómas' little girl Sigríður Tómasdóttir stood up and battled for the safeguarding of the cascade going to and from Reykjavík by walking and wading through waterways and snow to dissent and sue the leaseholders and surprisingly proclaimed that she would hurl herself entirely into the cascade should it transformed into a force plant. Yet, sadly, Sigríður lost her cases in court, and all of her cash with it and the cascade's tenant contract was considered lawful.

The waterfall continued as before and was left immaculate. In 1928, installments for the lease of the waterfall quit coming in, and after six years, the tenant agreement was canceled. In 1940, Sigríður's embraced child obtained the cascade and later offered it to the Icelandic government. Natural assurance turned out to be all the more broadly spoken of in Iceland in the years to come, and Sigríður has frequently been named Iceland's first treehugger.

A remembrance stone of Sigríður was set up at Gullfoss in 1978, and after a year, Gullfoss and its environs were assigned as a nature hold to ensure the waterfall forever. The commemoration stone is still there today, and you can visit it while you are there!


GPS POINTS N64° 19′ 38.220″ W20° 7′ 8.135″

Gullfoss is situated in the core of the well-known Golden Circle in Haukadalur, South Iceland, around 107 km (66.4 mi) from Reykjavík. Gullfoss is just a 10-minute drive from Gullfoss, so together, they make the ideal combo as a piece of the Golden Circle.


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It is speediest to follow the Ring Road 1 East past Hveragerði when driving from Reykjavík to Gullfoss and making a left turn before arriving at Selfoss, and a turn stamped Laugarvatn onto Street 35. Street 35 will lead you straight to the Gullfoss Waterfall parking area.

It is ideal to begin going to Thingvellir National Park if you are hoping to do the Golden Circle on a self-drive visit, and following Street 36 East from that point, past Laugarvatn and from that point past Geysir to Gullfoss. You can likewise go along with one of the numerous Golden Circle visits Arctic Adventures has to bring to the table, seeing the Golden Falls day by day.


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Regardless of whether you need to purchase viable outside apparel or gifts, you'll have the option to discover something at the nearby shop at Gullfoss. Here you will find everything from books on the neighborhood Blue Lagoon beautifiers, nearby teas, fascinating keepsakes, Cintamani open-air clothing, and handknitted Icelandic lopapeysa sweaters.

Gullfoss Café is situated close to the primary parking area in case you're searching for food nearby. A selection of soups, mixed greens, sandwiches, paninis, cakes, sweets, and hot and cold beverages are accessible. A choice of Icelandic meat soup, salmon, and other conventional Icelandic dinners is likewise offered. The café is open day by day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

One can find restrooms close to the shop. A little expense is needed to utilize the shop's restrooms, while the toilets at Gullfoss Café are accessible for free to paying clients. There are two parking areas situated close to Gullfoss Waterfall, the two of which are allowed to be utilized. The upper parking area is near the restaurant and waterfall. The higher parking area is the next vehicle area you come to when you arrive into the district.


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There are many convenience alternatives around the excellent Gullfoss cascade, and here we will list not a few, which will assist you during your trip to Iceland.  


  • Hotel Gullfoss 
  • Hotel Geysir 
  • LitliGeysir Hotel 


  • GljásteinnSkálinnHostel  


  • Geysir Hestar 
  • Jaðar– The Old House 
  • MengiKjarnholt 
  • EfstidalurII 
  • TorfhúsRetreat 

Lodges and Cottages

  • VaðHoliday Home 
  • Skyggnissteinn
  • Skakkibakki
  • Geysir Cottage 
  • EyjasolCottages 
  • úthlídCottages 


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There are a couple of setting up campgrounds close to Gullfoss Waterfall that are incredible and exceptional. The nearest is Skjól Campgrounds in the middle of Gullfoss and Geysir. The campground is enormous and has power and complimentary wireless internet! There is a lodge, a restaurant, and a bar on site.

The following one is at Geysir, and there you can partake in perspective on Strokkur and its perpetual wellspring of invigorating nature shows. There you have access to showers, restrooms, and all the standard setting-up campground offices, including a children’s jungle gym.

Flúðirthen additionally has a unique set up campground, famous with local people. Situated at the banks of the stream, Litla-Laxá is exceptional and offers a great deal of energizing things to look at in just a mobile distance. Flúðir is known for geothermal energy and is home to numerous nurseries.


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Gullfoss is beautiful in winter, yet the driving can be very frigid. In case you're not used to driving in that kind of condition, you should consider joining a Golden Circle visit, where an accomplished driver will take you. It will warm you right up! The ways around the cascade can be elusive, so it's advised to wear rugged shoes, ideally with ice spikes. Gullfoss is located very far inland and high above ocean level. It can likewise get very cold. If you do get chilly, go inside the Gullfoss Cafe for a nice bowl of hot Icelandic sheep soup or a hot cup of cocoa.

For those hoping to add a touch of additional experience to their excursion to this notable Icelandic milestone, Gullfoss Waterfall parking is the pickup point for an astonishing snowmobile visit on Langjökull Glacier. You can go snowmobiling and visit an ice cave in winter. River boating visits are completed from the Drumbó Rafting Base higher up on the Hvítá River in summer. It is a thrilling alternative for the individuals who need to see the entirety of the more extensive Gullfoss region.