The Golden Circle

Ultimate guide about the Golden Circle in Iceland

The Golden Circle is an adventurous trip offering you a chance to visit the three most fascinating and famous places in Iceland: Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park. These natural and touristic wonders can make your day worthwhile.  

We know that all these three places would be on the top of your list when you visit Iceland. All the entirely eccentric and sublime tourist spots never fail to impress the tourists. Hence, driving around the Golden Circle is the best you can do in this great country.

geysir geothermal area on golden circle
snowy gullfoss in winter time
thingvallavatn lake in summer
crack of tectonic plates in thingvellir national park

Guided day tours visiting Golden Circle highlights

Where is the Golden Circle located in Iceland?

The Golden Circle is located in southwest Iceland. It starts from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, and unfolds into a 190-mile driving loop from there. The Golden Circle is best for those people who want to travel but have significantly less time. What's more exciting than visiting all the famous and fabulous tourist spots in just one day?

What to see in Golden Circle Iceland?

Are you curious about what exactly you are going to see there? Don't worry! We are going to tell you all you need to know about the Golden Circle. But will it be worth visiting? You bet! In the entire country, the places mentioned above are usually liked by every tourist. Want to know what's unique about them? Let’s get started!

The primary stop on the Golden Circle is one of the most recorded locales you will discover in Iceland. Situated on a magma field, it is likewise where the two structural plates meet and where you can snorkel or take a plunge between them. It is a position of incredible normal magnificence and significant recorded occasions.

gullfoss waterfall in thinvellir national park

The next stop on the Golden Circle is the mind-boggling Geysir Geothermal Area. It is home to the renowned Geysir and his dynamic child sibling Strokkur, whose wellspring blasts into the air every 4-10 minutes. The region is smoke-filled due to geothermal vents, yet there are extraordinary ways and stamped seeing focuses, so it is protected to investigate.

The third stop is the excellent finale, in no way like other stops, and one of Iceland's most famous places of interest. Gullfoss Waterfall or the Golden Waterfall is a beautiful marvel to observe. Dropping two stories down into an ice sheet cut crevasse, the meltwater changes shading regularly, so the cascade never totally appears to be identical.

The meltwater runs from the second-biggest glacial mass in Iceland, Langjökull Glacier, which takes care of the dazzling cascade in Borgarfjörður.


walking path in thingvellir national park

GPS directions of Golden Circle 64.2558° N, 21.1299° W

The historical backdrop of Iceland and the Icelandic country isn't as transparent in any area for its worth at Þingvellir. It is the place where the Parliament Alþingi was established in the year 930 CE. It is also where individuals accumulated to settle on laws and critical choices until 1798.

Many of the country's most prominent minutes have occurred at Þingvellir, and for most Icelanders, Þingvellir holds a spot in their souls. Þingvellir is a UNESCO secured legacy site. In Icelandic laws, you can peruse that Þingvellir's territory will and ought to consistently be a shared property of the Icelandic country and under the assurance of the parliament.

Studies have prompted that Þingvellir National Park is a characteristic miracle on a worldwide scale and that Þingvallavatn Lake and Þingvellir's environment structure is a novel entity. Around Lake Þingvallavatn, Icelanders have observed new animals become animated, and dynamic quakes have changed the region much of the time through hundreds of years.

So why is the Þingvellir region so volcanically dynamic?

It is the spot where two mainland plates, the North American and Eurasian structural plates, meet. The break between them runs directly through Thingvellir National Park.

happy woman in colourful jacket near oxararfoss

You can visit the gathering of the structural plates in various areas at Þingvellir. Surprisingly, you can go swimming or take a plunge between them on the off chance that you join a visit in Silfra Fissure, which was praised as one of the leading 10 exercises on the planet by TripAdvisor in 2019.

The Þingvellir region is home to a rich history – from the charming Law Rock to the Almannagjá, in addition to its extraordinary magnificence, birch backwoods, and the absolute most captivating cascades in Iceland. You can't and shouldn't miss it!


tourists enjoying geysir eruption

GPS 64.3104° N, 20.3024° W

Fountains and underground aquifers are among Iceland's most noteworthy highlights, and with more than 700 such sources, there is no lack of heated water. The warmth that shoots up from the world's liquid center makes exceptional arrangements in a captivating cluster of shapes and sizes. One of them is the Haukadalur Valley and natural aquifer region, home to the Geysir and Strokkur fountains.

The most renowned Icelandic spring is the Great Geysir, the ruler, and the word spring in the English language is taken from this specific fountain. The name Geysir starts from the Icelandic action word að geysa or to spout and is exceptionally fitting as the Great Geysir has eventually in time rambled up to around 170 meters (557.743 ft).

Today Geysir had gone calm, yet when it did, maybe his child sibling, Strokkur, acquired the force Geysir lost and presently shoots into the sky every four to 10 minutes with extraordinary commendation from the crowd.


happy couple posing near gullfoss in autumn

GPS POINTS N64° 19′ 38.220″ W20° 7′ 8.135″

Gullfoss or the Golden Falls is typically the keep going stop individuals make on the Golden Circle course. It is a dazzling and incredible cascade situated in the chilly stream Hvítá, which begins in Langjökull, Iceland's second-biggest glacial mass. It is a genuine emblem of Iceland and is one of Iceland's most popular tourist spots.

In mid-1900 the arrangement was to transform it into a force plant, yet with the decisive battle of a neighborhood rancher's little girl Sigríður Tómasdóttir the plans wound up not going through. For this, we are continually appreciative as the entrancing two-story drop fall engages and genuinely blows the mind of any individual who visits.

person taking pictures women near gullfoss

Around one kilometer above Gullfoss Waterfall, the Hvítá stream makes a sharp go to one side and streams down, going into a vast bent three-story gorge. At that point, it suddenly dives into a higher two-story valley that is the home to the open cascade. The principal drop is 11 meters (36 ft) and the second is 21 meters (69 ft), making the waterfall especially noteworthy.

The standard volume of water tumbling down the cascade is 140 cubic meters (4,900 cu ft) each second in the mid-year and 80 cubic meters (2,800 cu ft) each second in the colder time of year. The best flood at any point to be estimated contained was 2,000 cubic meters (71,000 cu ft) each second.


The Golden Circe is not difficult to travel all year. You will not need to go far into the high countries and the streets are very acceptable. In addition, the Golden Circle headings are primary and the separation from Reykjavík to the main prevent is just around 45 minutes.

In late spring, the streets are generally clear and you can hope to see youthful sheep and horses playing in the homestead fields encompassing the stops. The grass is perfectly green and yellow blossoms developed in general.

Lease a vehicle on a Golden Circle self-drive visit or join a little gathering Golden Circle visit. You can likewise consolidate your Golden Circle visit with another pleasant action like the River Jet or River Rafting.

In wintertime, you may make some more complicated memories driving on the streets around the Golden Circle as they can get elusive. Yet, the region encompassing the Golden Circle is a genuine winter wonderland with snow-covered grounds, hairy Icelandic ponies, and the cold fox cruising around.

car on snowy ring road

The general peer resembles something out of a Christmas card, and you come to perceive any reason why we named it Ice-land. You can likewise jump on another visit to investigate South Iceland.

The Circle's appearance is altogether different, relying upon the season, and many have depicted it as two entirely different planets. You basically should encounter both!


The Golden Circle has many convenient alternatives for you to appreciate, from lodgings to inns to lodges and houses. Here we will drill down the ones with the highest ratings:  


  • Ion Hotel 
  • Hotel Geysir 
  • LitliGeysir Hotel 
  • Hotel Gullfoss 
  • MengiKjarnholt
  • Borealis Hotel 
  • HotelÚlfljótsvan 
  • Hotel EddaLaugarvatn 


  • Skjól
  • GljásteinnSkálinnHostel  
  • LjósafossskóliHostel 
  • HérðsskóliBoutique Hostel 
  • LaugarvatnHI Hostel 


  • Geysir Hestar 
  • Jaðar– The Old House 
  • MengiKjarnholt 
  • EfstidalurII 
  • Secret Seed 
  • GalleriLaugarvatn 

Lodges and Cottages:  

  • Thingvellir Lake Cottage 
  • Geysir Cottage 
  • Geysir Hestar 
  • úthlíðCottages 
  • EyjasolCottages 
  • Sacred Seed 
  • árbakkiFarmhouse Lodge 
  • VaðHoliday Home 
  • Golden Circle Hot Tub Cabin