Your Golden Circle Secret Lagoon

Price: 12.500 ISK

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One of the reason why people call Iceland – Niceland – is that we have geothermal swimming pools in almost every backwoods of the island.

Now you have the opportunity to join our oldest one, made in 1891, as long as you enjoy the magnificent sights of the famous Golden Circle.

In this 9 hour tour we stop at all the main sights of the Golden Circle; Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, Faxi waterfall and at the Geysir area.

It is called Secret Lagoon because few years ago only the locals knew about it, but now everyone can relax in the hot water and enjoy one of the wonders of Niceland.

This tour is Your Day Tours newest product and we are really proud to combine our most popular tour and a visit to the magnificent Secret Lagoon.

Your Golden Circle Secret Lagoon is a great way to spend the day out of the city relaxed – no rush.

We only do pickups from guesthouses and hotels in Reykjavík.

The pickup starts at 08:00. It might take up to 30 minutes, but be ready from 08:00 – we always try to be on time.

Please see if we are allowed to pickup from your street if you are staying in city center, you might need to go to nearby bus stop

Do you have any questions? Check out FAQ or Contact us.

Duration of this tour is 9 hours.

  • We will be back in Reykjavík around 17:00.
  • English guidence
  • Only small groups (max.19 pax)
  • Free WiFi & taste of Icelandic food and drink
  • Five total stops; Faxi (waterfall) – Gullfoss (waterfall) – Geysir (hot spring) – Þingvellir (national park) Secret Lagoon
  • First of all you have to bring the good mood
  • Warm clothes. Weather in Iceland can change really quickly.
  • Dress like the weather
  • There is not much hiking in this tour, but always good to bring good shoes with you.
  • Bring your bathing swimsuit (if you forget you can rent towel (500 isk) swimsuit (500 isk)

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It was the best tour we´ve ever been on and one we will never forget Dawn Walsh
My family and I loved these tours and would recommend this company to anyone Jess Thorson


Your Golden Circle, Your South Coast

All our tours starts in the capital city which is the heart of Iceland´s cultural, economic and political activity. The first permanent settlements in Iceland is believed to have been established at Reykjavík around year 870. Steam from hot springs in the region inspired Reykjavík´s name, which you can translate to Smoky Bay.
Did you know that Reykjavík is the world´s northernmost capital of a sovereign state?



Your Golden Circle

Geysir in Haukadalur is the most famous hot spring in the world. The english word geyser derives from Geysir. This area is really nice and you can walk upon a hill to take pictures and see it blow from different angle. Our lunch break is at Geysir so we stop for extra long. Couple of restaurants at the area and a really nice gift shop.

Did you know that people sometimes ask us if they can put on their swimsuit and jump into the hot spring?


Gullfoss Waterfall

Your Golden Circle

Gullfoss is the most impressive waterfall we have ever seen and there is a reason why it is one of the most popular attraction in the country. Standing so close to this masterpiece and feel the spray from the waterfall on your skin is hard to describe in words. You get plenty of time for all the selfies.
Did you know there was much speculation about using Gullfoss to generate electricity?


Faxi Waterfall

Your Golden Circle

Here we tell you everything about our secret (Flatbread with smoked lamb) which is the reason why Icelanders are so strong, beautiful and intelligent (at least we believe so). We give you a little taste of this traditional Icelandic snack with a drink called Malt. You also get a time to take a look at this small beautiful waterfall.

Did you know that Faxi is sometimes called Gullfoss´s little brother?


Sólheimajökull Glacier

Your South Coast

Standing so close to Sólheimajökull is just like being in a Tolkien movie. You can feel the energy and the power from the glacier which is a part of the great Mýrdalsjökull, fourth largest glacier in Iceland.

Did you know that last 20 years Sólheimajökull has been shrinking around 50 meters every year?

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